Dr. Jorge Bordenave’s Website Gets a Makeover

Dr. BordenaveGreat people and great professional practices know that they can always become better at what they do. Dr. Jorge Bordenave, M.D., is no exception; he has always sought to advance the practice of medicine. Jorge’s early medical education followed a very traditional path: graduation from medical school, training in internal medicine in New York and Chicago, a fellowship in Clinical, Invasive and Nuclear Cardiology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach and then a successful private practice at Mt. Sinai that relocated to Coral Gables.

Dr. Bordenave always intended to practice the same type of medicine his physician father and grandfather had practiced. He saw his role as being both a friend and a counselor to his patients. But along the way, Jorge saw the practice of medicine change from a personal relationship between doctor and patient into a regimented, one-size-fits-all process. The medical industrial complex began to regard patients as objects to be treated by guidelines, not individuals cared for by concerned physicians. Doctors became programmed providers, practicing assembly line medicine. Website is www.drbordenave.com

There had to be an alternative, a better way. Searching for that better way, he turned to Integrative Medicine, a medical practice that sees patients as whole persons, not as a collection of symptoms and organ systems. Integrative Medicine is an evidence-based medical system that combines the best of conventional Western medicine with treatments like herbal medicines, stress reduction, biofeedback, yoga and nutrition, to name a few. Seeking the best training in this discipline, Dr. Bordenave completed a third medical residency, this time in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, where Dr. Andrew Weil had pioneered the academic study and teaching of the Integrative Medical practice. Integrative Medicine concentrates on highly individualized therapies, giving patients options beyond conventional medical treatments while retaining the best practices of traditional medical science.

Medical school, three medical residencies and a busy private practice would be enough for most people, but Dr. Bordenave continues seeking the very best health care practices for his patients. He wants to stay in the forefront of current research and evidence-based health science. To do so, he has taken further training from the Institute of Functional Medicine, where he is completing the required curriculum needed to achieve Board certification.

Functional Medicine searches for the underlying causes of disease, involving both patient and doctor in a therapeutic partnership. Functional Medicine considers not only the diagnosis, but also asks, “Why does this person have this illness?”. Seeking to prevent or to treat disease, it makes use of the latest genetic, environmental, biologic and lifestyle science. The famous Cleveland Clinic opened a Functional Medicine Center in 2016, and currently has a waiting list of several months. Dr. Bordenave’s practice is devoted to Preventive and Integrative/Functional Cardiology, emphasizing individualization of treatment for each patient.

Dr. Bordenave has chosen to remain an independent physician, answering only to his patients. As such, he is not the employee of a hospital or medical group; he feels no pressure to prescribe excessive treatment or testing in order to increase revenue to a medical organization. An Assistant Professor of Medicine at several Medical Schools, he serves his patients while maintaining an impressive academic, teaching and community service work load.

Jorge’s skill and medical knowledge has attracted the attention of not only the local community, but also numerous celebrities and well-known entertainment personalities. Dr. Bordenave has served as the staff physician for numerous commercials, TV series and movies including those produced by HBO television, Buena Vista/Disney, 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate and others. The entertainment page of his website shows him with familiar personalities like Harrison Ford, Burt Reynolds, Sydney Pollack, Stephen Baldwin and Danny Aiello.

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